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An intuitive reading app designed for your reading and listening experience, anytime anywhere.


Amazing features at your fingertips.

Intuitive memory

Now you can pick up from where you stopped reading. Eboor remembers where you stopped reading or listening so you don’t have to.

Track Your Daily Progress

With Eboor, you keep in the know of exactly how many books you have read, pages you’ve completed and even the minutes you’ve spent listening to audiobooks.

Explore your content

Use the home search to find ebooks, audiobooks, and authors. Find words and phrases within an ebook with the open book search…

Audiobooks unleashed

Unleash your inner power by listening to audiobooks curated from though leaders, poets, and business minds of the times.

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Explore the app with navigation tabs.


Search for ebooks and audiobooks, explore bestsellers, new-releases and trending now.


Find the ebooks and audiobooks you’ve already purchased instantly available for your reading.


Indulge into an intuitive listening experience, add bookmarks, increase audio speed and navigate through chapters.


Curate your own list of favorite ebooks and audiobooks and go through your list when you are looking for something to read.


Pick up from where you left off, eboor remembers where you stopped reading so you don’t have to.


Manage your profile information, like email and password, as well as track your reading and listening progress.

How to get started!


EASY TORegister.

If you are brand new to eboor products - enter your details and choose a password for your profile to be created.



If you already have an account on eboore website, use your already existing credentials or sign in with your new credentials.



Navigate to profile to add your image, manage credentials, or to track your reading and listening experience here.

Some frequently asked questions.

Eboor is an intuitive reading app designed for your reading and listening experience, anytime anywhere.

Eboore is our self publishing marketplace where creators across the globe especially in emerging markets publish and distribute their digital and physical products to fans and customers across the globe.

Yes, Eboor app is completely free to download and use - you can even read and listen to free content readily available to you. You will need data or an internet connection to navigate trough content, however - you can access download content offline.

Download eboor reading app on your mobile device, sign up for an account so you can have an experience tailored to your liking, sign in and navigate through books to find a story you like, order it and we will automatically deliver it into your eboor app account for your reading or listening…

Go to - click become a creator on the top menu - sign up for a creator account, publish your ebook or audio book and we will deliver your ebook or audio book file to readers through our intuitive eboor reading app.


Have a look at what’s inside the app.